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The industrial entity built up through the collaboration of the two companies – Ditro and Designia – offers a wide range of advanced skills in the field of industrial automation. The group Ditro Designia looks to the future and aims to increase its presence into the international market, but always keeping solid roots in its own region, with quality and customer satisfaction as constant landmarks. A complete portfolio of services is already in place, in order to match what market requires to be competitive.

Automated production systems

Testing systems and quality assurance

Monitoring and integration 4.0 oriented

Robotized isles


a high-skilled industrial group with 20+ years of experience in the field of Industrial Automation, always looking at market needs and innovation technology

Automated production systems

The Ditro Designia group develops automated production systems, tailor-made solutions in the industrial automation sector.

This can be performed by basing its work on a solid know-how built over the years and consolidated with projects and services provided to prestigious national and international partners in different sectors (automotive, food & packaging, pharma, aerospace, home & lifestyle, E-mobility).

The two companies work in complete synergy, side by side in the same headquarter located in Modugno, Bari. They offer a range of 360° solutions for automated manufacturing systems, with services that integrate design, assembly, testing and commissioning, providing customers even with reliable after-sales service.

Customer service

Customers can take advantage of qualified service and support services with no expiration date. “We meet and exceed customer expectations by consistently delivering results in a timely and efficient manner.”

The orientation towards technological evolution allows the companies to achieve a high level of quality in the whole offer, including the service provided to the customer.

Core concept of the group is the realization of highly customized services, adapted to the innovative methodologies of Industry 4.0.

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Specialists in industrial automation. Ditro Soluzioni per l’automazione srl was founded in 2008 with the goal is to come up in the field of industrial automation through electrical and SW design consulting, electrical cabinets onboard electrical assembly and arrangement.

Advanced solutions. Leveraging the technical performance and skills acquired in 10 years of experience in the field, the members Riccardo, Emanuele and Gianni, decide to set the company on 3 basic features:

  1. Propose advanced technological solutions with the aim of satisfying the customer needs.
  2. Outline a growth plan combining increase in turnover with enlargement of staff and equipment.
  3. Ensure progress in the staff skills by means of continuous training.

With these assumptions, the company establishes the first contacts with customers in order to support them in the development of benches and automatic lines, from design to testing and commissioning. This modus operandi allows the company, on the one hand, to build customer loyalty and, on the other hand, to increase its level of quality. In fact, in 2009 Ditro certified its QMS (Quality Management System) according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, thus becoming a coded supplier of the most important local manufacturing companies.

The company creates therefore a path of continuous improvement oriented to the learning of different technologies owned by customers, in order to integrate useful systems for quality control, product traceability, optimization of machine cycles, and to become a reference supplier. Without ever losing sight of its corporate culture, Ditro Soluzioni per l’automazione srl decides to invest in research and continuous updating of personnel (both commercial and technical) through participation in various vocational training initiatives with technical institutes, through internships and R&D projects focused on the company’s skills.

Thanks to this propensity for continuous improvement, the professional growth of the company results in the following years with the integration of increasingly complex mechanical systems, supporting the electrical and software part, up to the realization, in 2014, of automatic stations in partnership with mechanical working realities, thus obtaining rewarding results.

In 2019 Stefano Signorile founds Designia as a project in collaboration with the three partners. Designia stands out as an innovative company operating in the field of mechanical design and construction, using Stefano’s 30+ years of experience. This experience can be valued by the customer right from the initial phase starting from the feasibility studies of the process to the design and commissioning of plants and machines up to the final testing.

The close collaboration between the two companies and the strong will of the partners to professionally train their staff, gives life to a young and experienced team of more than 20 resources, carefully selected over the years from the best schools and universities in the area, with a remarkable female component in the engineering design and project management.

Currently, the company structure is divided into operating divisions such as mechanical, fluidic, electrical, software and robot programming design, focusing on the creativity and dynamism of the entire staff.

In 2020 Ditro joins Confindustria Bari / BAT section, Federmeccanica sector. Thanks to the membership of Confindustria System and the union of the main entrepreneurial realities in the area, Ditro shows the will to strengthen its presence in the local area, being part of a network recognized to increase professional partnerships with metal-working companies placed outside national boundaries.

Our companies, based on the commitment and seriousness that have always distinguished us, are facing the industrial landscape considering themselves ready to use the current, and develop the future technologies that can meet the growing quality standards required by various markets.

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